Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Death By Carrot- The Blobette Sounds Off

"But they are so healthy, full of vitamins (please insert the Bear Grylls accent upon reading that) and all things holy in the world of nutrition..."

Well, I say to that..
probably so.

HOWEVER.. I wanna go on the blog record here and say that when it's past midnight and all you want is a huge creamy bowl of ice cream.. they are the center of all things evil. I mean, they may as well align with the Sith, that's how bad it is.

Lucky for my fat rolls, I have no ice cream. I actually don't have anything fun to eat. I have no chips, I have no bread.. I DONT EVEN HAZ CHEEZE?

It's cool though, I'm finding comfort in the bottom of the bowl of carrots.

I am dipping them in ranch, so I'm nearly positive that any healthy thing they possess is null and void at this point.. but we're going to go with it. It's a mentality thing I do believe. Eventually, I'll do this by habit, without having to reach for the ranch or sweet tea to wash it down. One day, I'll crave this right? Right??

Even if I don't.. I won't deny myself a creamy bowl of ice cream-- but I'll eat it out of a 1 cup measuring cup verses my luxurious, deep, ice cream ready bowls that hold oh so much of that lovely goodness.

This post held next to no value, but I have to turn to something right?

Also-- Kim & I didn't work out today. She was doing "things" with her manz. Okay, so I don't really know what she was doing.. but it's all good. This will now become our free day (or yesterday.. since it's now after midnight)

I did challenge myself though. Every time I go to eat something that I shouldn't (like a kit kat.. or the leftover cupcake mix.. whatevs).. I can have it if I really feel like it will alter my existance.. BUT.. I have to twist/run in place for 2 minutes before I can have it.

That may not sound like much to you, but in my moment of guilt that I was looking for food at midnight (I swear, I'm not an over-eater.. I'm just hungry all the time:) ) I made myself do just that right there in my kitchen and holy monkeyballs.. I felt like I died and went to exercise hell.

One day that won't hurt. One day that won't be anything to me.

It's all about the endgame, baby.

Blobette is Ova & OUUUUUUT.

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