Monday, January 2, 2012

My Turn!!

Howdy ya'll!

I see that Ashley has made some introductions so I thought I would jump on here and say a few words myself! First off, I'm Kimberly. Nice to meet you!! I figure we should get aquainted seeing as we are in this for the long haul. Ashley and I have been talking about doing this ever since we met, which is coming up on like 2 years now. (Jeez Ash, can you believe we've known each other that long??!!) Anywho, we both FINALLY have the time to get ourselves into shape (anything other than "round" will be good). So we've decided that we are going to try to make it as fun as possible and switch up our routines to keep those muscles guessing!!

Ashley and I are 2 completely different shapes and sizes and so we have different individual goals. Ashley is super tall (like 5'10) and I'm pretty short (5'2). We both are going to work on our midsection  - doesn't that sound better than our fat bellies?

I want a flatter stomach and to lose this double chin thing I've got going on...ugh... and then I want smaller boobs and some semblance of a butt.

Now before you girls start asking, YES, you can definately have some of my boobs, you pay for my surgery and medical expenses and they are all yours. Oh what? You don't have that kind of money? Well neither do I. We be broke up in this joint so we are doing this old school. No fancy liposuction for us fat girls, we actually have to do some work.

I am currently.... wait for it..... a 32HH (probably a 32J now bc my bras are getting a bit snug). WOW you might say, yea sure wow... I love my boobs, don't get me wrong, but these suckers give me so many back problems, not to mention that my bras cost me over $100 a piece - did I mention I was broke??? -  AND I have to special order them from overseas!! No freaking thank you! I can't wait to be able to buy a $20 bra at Walmart. Yea, I said WALMART. Victoria ain't got no secrets for me.

Now since good ol' Ashley shared her number with you, and I promised her that we were in this together, I'm gonna throw my number in the hat too... Little ol' me is weighing in at ................. 160lbs.

Oh it's so awful.... lol. I really hate this picture, so it's my goal to change that. I'd like to be able to take a picture and go Dang!! I look GOOD!!

Ash and I haven't worked out all the details, but we're gonna be working out at least 15 mins a day, almost EVERYDAY! We'll be using a variety of methods, some include Dancing With The Stars DVDs, Jillian Michaels DVD, walking at the local park, and maybe some yoga. I have the P90x system, so we might just steal a few of those too...

Tonight we tried one of the dancing with the stars DVDs. Oh. My. Dad. That girl must have assumed that you were beyond beginer level bc she was SO fast. At one point I just started doing the twist for like 5 minutes straight bc I couldn't keep up with her. Ash and I were jumping all over her living room. I think we got more of a workout laughing over our sad attempts to keep up with the video than actually doing what was in the video. Needless to say it might take us a while to get that good. We then proceeded to watch the rest of the video as we stretched our muscles. I don't think we'll be moving to section 2 of that video any time soon. The next girl had thighs like a line backer!! Her legs were bigger than both of mine put together, but hers were all muscle! Needless to say, I'm a little jelly over some of these girls in the video. It's just more motivation to work harder to reach our goals.

So stick with us. We are normal girls just like you. We've decided that this will be good for us. If we have you guys to help cheer us on too then that will make this even more exciting. If you have any questions for me or Ashley, feel free to hit us up in the comments below and we'll be sure to get back to you in our next posts. Until then, this is Boobzilla logging out.


  1. So I'm gonna put it out there -- you might be wearing the wrong band size on your bra, which would give you skewed cup sizes even and cause a lot of discomfort. It's my guess that you are because I wear a 37/38 band and I'm 5'3" and 155. You might be smaller boned but I feel like 32 seems too small for you. You should measure yourself just in case because when you get the right size bra you immediately can look like you lost 10 lbs. :)

  2. That's a great insight Alaina! Like a LOT of women out there, I wasn't wearing the correct bra size and it was always difficult for me to find a bra that would fit. So I continued to go up and up in band width in order to find a cup that would fit me. Eventually I got sick of the quadruple boob I had going on from my breasts spilling out of the top of my bras and I went to the professionals in Atlanta. That's when I discovered that I was actually a 32HH (instead of the 36/38 DDD I kept trying to wear unsuccessfully)!! While the rest of me is bigger, I am actually very narrow around. After I found the correct bra size it was amazing the difference it made! People who know me now would probably be shocked to know that in college, I used to only weigh 111lbs and that was including my boobs (which were still quite large at 32F). Some would say I was blessed while I, of course, think it's a pain, but when I started gaining all this junk food weight it went straight to my boobs and my belly. This is why my goal is to lose the weight where I gain it. Hopefully it will work out! I'm not trying to get down to 111lbs, but I think 125-130 is pretty good and will put me at the high end of what my body weight is supposed to be for my height.

  3. Well if you've been sized, that's cool. I just would recommend measuring regularly because sizes change, esp band size. Also have you heard of They sell bigger sizes. Still expensive, but all good bras are. I can buy things at VS and mainstream stores now, but I rarely do because it just isn't worth spending like $10 on something that lasts 1/10th as long as something I could spend $60 on.

    No way, I know. I don't know if you know this (I feel like you do) but I had a breast reduction when I was 18. I was a EE/F, and even after being reduced to a C I only lost like 3.5 lbs. Boobs really don't weigh very much. It's the fat EVERYWHERE ELSE.