Friday, January 13, 2012

Losing Steam!

So.. I don't have a huge entry planned, and sadly no photos.. but I feel the need to share something that is concerning-- yet expected-- in this little journey we're on.

We're both losing our steam.

I'm hurting, she's tired.. and we've just all around been bummy. We went to our frand Emiloo's house yesterday and legit did Jillian Michaels (I subbed anything with squats as an exisiting knee injury has been rearing it's ugly head lately).. so it's stupid for me to think that we've done nothing.. but we pretty much only stretched tonight :( The night before last we also skipped because I went to the walking park earlier that day with my family and had already engaged in some walking and exercise equipment (they have them along the trail).. I was too pooped to do another round.

I also feel fat because of the fact that I feel like we haven't been pushing ourselves like we can.

I know we're capable.. but it's like Kim said tonight-- we've got habits to break. She's accustomed to coming home after work, getting on the computer and waiting for her hubby to get home so they can chill together. My day is spent at home right now while I'm in the land of the unemployment.. and I sit around-- a lot.. so by the time 8pm comes, I just want to stay there and be a lazy bum for the rest of the night.

We have to do better though, so I'm putting this thought process out there so that we are held accountable. I'm better than this, and I can't let the fact that my body is killing me and my knees are bad get the best of me. My knees ARE bad, and I've had a hella amount of issues stem from them for many years.. but I that's no reason I can't work out. I may not be able to go running-- but I can make my booty move.

My goal tomorrow:

Dance to my favorite song without stopping AND do the full Jillian Michaels with Kim tomorrow night.

Baby steps.

Blobette, Ova & Out.

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  1. i had a lot of fun working out at my house the other night. i sent ya'll a thing on facebook to the site. its not just beefy men lifting wieghts, it has information on nutrition and different workout plans on there as well. i will see you guys tonight! the best motivation is a good friend :]