Thursday, January 26, 2012

Is This Even Possible??

So I worked up these virtual models of myself now and at  (lower than my goal weight.. because the goal weight didn't look right lol!) You can make your own Virtual Weightloss Model at that link right there. It feels so far away... but I like what I see so much. Especially because I *KNOW* I got curves that aren't going anywhere.. and I'll be a force to be reckoned with when this is said and done :D

I guess you could say that I'm losing hope. I mean.. I'm NOT, but I kind of am. The disciple is still not where it needs to be.. and I'm stuck at 15-20 minutes of workout a day, and I know I should be up to at least 45 minutes by now.

Secondly.. it's annoying that because I took my kid to the park today and did a little walking and I didn't really have the steam to also work out. I don't want to sub doing something normal anymore for working out. I want to do normal activities that normal people should do AND work out. There's no excuse for this.

I've also been doing minor emotional eating because my stress level is through the roof... but that's another tale on another blog ;)

Anywho-- Kim & I didn't work out tonight because she had things to do that involve a social life (what the hay is that anyway.. I certainly don't have one).. and like I said before.. I went to the park. She didn't work out with me last night either because of that social life thing.. but Emily did come over and we did our 15 minute workout. I'll be posting that soon actually.. it's something I found on Pinterest and it's an EXCELLENT at home workout.

Sorry for the lack of updates on this blog. I'm going to do better.. part of my stress eating is because I was going for a really great job and I interviewed for it yesterday.. interview went okay, but they math tested me so I'm pretty sure I didn't get it--- so.. back to no life!

Ova & Out,
The Blobette


  1. You said, "and I'm stuck at 15-20 minutes of workout a day, and I know I should be up to at least 45 minutes by now." Who said that you should be working out that much? That's a long time to be working out. You *should* be working out as long as you are able to work out, and no more. Just sayin'.

  2. AND ANOTHER THING!!! That computer model isn't what you're really going to look like. You and I are built a lot alike and when I dropped a bunch of weight, I still retained a LOT of hips. Not fat, just bone structure. I also have wide shoulders like you do, so that puts us in the "hourglass" category. Awesome shape, but it's still going to frustrate you when you go to look for pants! You'll still have to buy jeans/slacks that fit your hips, but that you can fit both fists in the waistband. Then you think, "Hey, I'll just wear a belt!" Put that belt on, tighten it up, and you're now wearing an accordion of gathered pants material around your waist!

    I really REALLY wish I knew how to sew and alter clothes. I have trouble sewing buttons!!