Monday, January 9, 2012

We got frands!!!

Hey there readers!!
I know Ashley and I have slacked off a bit with the blog, we're trying to catch you all up, we promise!
Friday I wasn't feeling too hot so I didn't bring the camera along, but it came with me on Saturday and we got some great shots of a couple new moves we tried out. I figured I'd just kind of post a few up for ya so you can see the fun we had...

#1. Hip Thrusts?                #2. Planking?                   #3. Leg stretches?             #4. Leg lifts?

Now, I have a question for all you out there in the world... Is it just me, or is anyone else extremely impressed with Ashley's leg lifts? I mean, are you freaking kidding me?!?!?! Look how high that leg is, and I know you can't see her foot, but she has like perfectly pointed toes and that leg is straight up! She said, "everyone can do that"... As you can see from the photo of me STRAINING to "do that".. uhhh No ma'am they can not! You go girl! (yes, even as I typed that I kind of wanted to take it back, who says that anymore?... lol)

Yesterday Ashley and I had a little party, so we kinda took the night off from the working out (Ashley still got a pretty decent cardio workout while cleaning her house though!).

Tonight we had a friend pop by and join in on our workout session.
This is Emily!

Emily is probably going to jump in and out of sessions with Ashley and Me to help tone up her muscles and just give her a good ab workout. So she might toss a few blog posts up here too every once in a while. Tonight we decided to continue with Jillian Michaels bc so far she's made us the most sore, so we've decided that means it's working.. lol.

There's a lot of running in place and jumping and some punching of the air... I think I'll make a little picture collage of the three of us in Ashley's tiny little living room trying to work out.

Little Ernie was there too... using Mom as a punching bag and feeling Emily's awesome muscles and he even learned how to use an exercise ball to do ab crunches! Needless to say it was a full room and we're lucky no one got hurt... But we had a good time and have made plans to have Emily join us again later in the week.

I have a few other pictures that we took this past week that I may work into a new banner for our page, if not, I'll just start posting them randomly. I don't know about you, but I think pictures help a lot and they make working out seem like fun rather than a chore. Let me know what kind of pictures you'd like to see this week and maybe we can take a few. I like setting the photo timer and seeing what amazingness will come out. There's a wicked picture of me punching the air that I'll have to use somewhere.... We'll see!! Alright kiddies, I'm tired of typing, I'm gonna go catch up on my Once Upon a Time!!!  (LOVE that show!!!) Have a great day! Until next time, this is Boobzilla, logging out!

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