Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lose ALL the weight!

So.. Kim kinda caught you lovely buncha coco NUTS up to speed, so I'll just kinda ramble about a paragraph or two about things.

We had our first "weigh in".. and I must say, it was not nearly as dramatic as they are on t.v. I mean, I'm disappointed man. I wanted the lights to dim and the dun nuuuuu music to play as the scale shuffled through various numbers that have nothing to do with my actual weight-- but alas, all I heard was "get on the damn thing Ashley, I went first last time".. uggggh.


I lost.......................
.4 lbs. LAWL!

Actually-- I am not putting nearly the weight in my "weight" as I am the actual inches I lose. I know that weight shifts due to muscle gain.. and I also know MY body.. and I never weigh the same thing day to day.. I always fluctuate at least 5-6 lbs either way.. usually not to tip over what my current weight is at the time-- which for now, is 320. I have actually been 345 before, so I guess it's a good thing that I at least got to a high tip point that is lower than my heaviest, at any rate.

So anywho.. we did our measurements.. and the results are in. I'm gonna detail this mess for you, because well.. I'm a friggin sucker for details, dangit.

I do want to point out that we may not measure the "right" way.. but we picked parts that we wanted to track and measured those bad boys-- so if you hate that, well..... too bad!

First column is the current, other is for reference!
Week 1 Ending:                                             Week 1 Starting:
LB-320.2                                                       320.6
Boobies-50                                                     51
Stomach-55                                                   58
Hips-60                                                          59.5
Thighs-34                                                       35
Arm-18                                                          18
Neck-16                                                         16
Waist-45                                                         45

So.. thar she blowwws!.. I lost 3 inches off of my fattest part of mah tummy.. and 1 off of my thighs and boobs--everything else was teeeny tiny or stayed the same. Every bit counts right??

Kim had some great losses as well. She lost 2.5 inches off of her waist (which is currently the same size as my thigh---- *CHOICEWORDGIRL* :D. She also lost 1 inch off of her hips and arm.


I'm super sore today behind my left shoulder-- I suppose I didn't stretch it out right.. but the good news is that even though I feel like my usual, lazy self that's in tons of pain.. I'm excited to work out tonight. I'm not sure how much of that is because I'm going to exercise, or how much is just because it's also social time.. oh what a sad life I lead when I look forward to 30 minutes of my day because I get to talk to someone other than a 6 year old! (Not that my spawn doesn't come up with some epic conversations.. I mean who wouldn't natrurally progress from how ice cubes are made to if I've ever seen a space ship)

So.. in closing.


-Blobette, Out.

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